01 APR


(free event)


Short History of the Italian Gay Movement
/ by and with KARMA B
LIVE STREAMING at 7.00 p.m. – Lido Theatre
Ages 14 and up

A lecture and performance at the same time, GAYSTORY is a short, and certainly not exhaustive, history of the Italian homosexual movement.
We know how the American gay liberation movement started, and Stonewall, Sylvia Rivera and Harvey Milk are now familiar names.
But we still know very little about the events and people who made the same journey in Italy.
When and why was Arcigay created? Who was Mario Mieli?
Which characters contributed to our identity?
Who hindered the path of emancipation in Italy?
When, how and thanks to whom did we start coming “out”?
These and other questions will be answered by KARMA B with a history lesson divided into decades, which will guide us through the most important names, remind us of dates, tell us the anecdotes and interpret the songs that have been the soundtrack to our “Gaystory”!

(free event)