18 APR


(free event, available for 24 hours)


/ by and with HOLIDOLORES
performance-lecture for pre-teens
co-produced by DRAG ME UP Queer Arts Festival
LIVE STREAMING at 5.00 p.m. – Lido Theatre
Ages 9 and up

LE DONNE DI ULISSE (THE WOMEN OF ULYSSES) is a performance-lecture about some classical myths and legends told by a drag queen. It is a project that promotes a sense of welcome, belonging and self-determination through the story of myths and legends, which will inspire and teach its audience important values, such as the fact that love goes beyond physical appearance – essentially trying to do what drag queens do on a daily basis, in other words, trying to communicate a vision and message of inclusion.

The laboratory stems from events that were first held in San Francisco several years ago and then exported to various European countries.

(free event, available for 24 hours)