19 APR


(tickets €10)


/ by and with KARMA B with the participation of Morgana and Farida Kant
LIVE STREAMING at 9.30 p.m. – Off Off Theatre

Who said the only thing drag queens can do is lipsync?

Karma B, one of the most famous drag performers in Italy, together with some of the leading figures in Italian drag, show us that drag queens can sing, play instruments, dance, act and who knows what else.

The art of the drag queen is taken to new heights in a show that features songs, gags, stand up comedy, dances, parodies and theatrical monologues, all taking place live in a dynamic show that is guaranteed to bewitch and amaze its audience. Plus, there is no shortage of spectacular costumes, over-the-top make-up and wigs – KARMA LIVE, is a live drag show that is sure to blow your mind!

(tickets €10)