22 APR


(tickets €10)


and the partecipation of Donny Brooks and other special guests
LIVE STREAMING at 9.30 p.m.

VarieTe’Ke is like a window on the future, a ray of hope and a way to talk about love and gender identity in a light-hearted – albeit never superficial – manner. By attending this show, audience members have the opportunity to feel part of a global community that places the idea that we are all human beings at its core. The human race is the focal point of this community, which welcomes rather than judges, which makes every moment unique and special thanks to music, art and the magic of the theatre; even though, in this case, it will be a “virtual” experience.

The show by Tekemaya and Titti Stomeo will also be a tribute to Salento and its innate artistry. VarieTe’Ke will also feature the special following guests: Cesko, the singer and frontman of Aprés La Classe; GiamPaolo Morelli from The Lesionato; ManuFunk; drag queen Donny Brooks, and Giulietto in an acting role – supported by a dance troupe (Serena Bovino, Raffaele Sudoso, Gabry Gagu and Linda Samir) masterfully directed by Tekemaya. The exuberant drag queen, Tekemaya, is accompanied by a live band featuring Paco Carrieri on keys, Emanuele Calvosa on trumpet, Giulio Rocca on drums, and Raf Qu on guitar, in a spectacular show that was first conceived at Funkeria Records in Trepuzzi (LE), directed by Roberto Santoro. With special thanks to Daniele Quagliaroli and Michele Margilio.

(tickets €10)