24 APR


(tickets €10)


/ with LALIQUE CHOUETTE and the participation of Luca Dieci, Alex Mastromarino, Cesare Martinozzi Bonifazi and Sofia Ninjia Chellini
Produced by L.E.D. and ARCI GAY Livorno
LIVE STREAMING at 9.30 p.m.

35 years have passed since 1986, the year the most famous Italian television programme ever was first broadcast. “Fantastico” was the premier variety show on Italian TV: the favourite show of audiences of all ages. Every Saturday evening, 25 million televisions were tuned into Rai 1, Italy’s first TV station.

Lalique Chouette is an icon of Saturday night. The most loved by Italians. At her side, the omnipresent Pippo Mantoni, announcer of the most popular show on “Canale Uno”. Toto Carrisi, fresh from record successes throughout Europe, enchants the public every time with his beautiful voice and performance. A futuristic dance troupe accompanies and highlights the most intense moments of the show. A show inspired by the historical archives of television but given a completely new interpretation. It tackles and breaks down the scandals and hot topics that are important for the Italian LGBTIQ+ community. “Fantastico” has become FANTASTIC*!

(tickets €10)