24 APR


(tickets €10)


Written and Directed by Paolo Vanacore
with Valerio Chellini / Lalique Chouette
LIVE STREAMING at 9.30 p.m.

“Tornar” is a theatrical monologue with musical excerpts performed by the actor, drag queen and performer, Valerio Chellini, aka Lalique Chouette. The show was written and directed by Paolo Vanacore.

The story is about a boy from Southern Italy who leaves his home town as soon as he comes of age because of the malicious gossip and rumours being spread about him by the locals, who make fun of him because of his sexual preference. Valerio wants to be free and to live his own life, so he moves to Milan where, thanks to his talent and great determination, he manages to establish himself as a successful drag queen.

After about twenty years, Valerio feels the desire to see his father again, so he decides to return home with a big surprise. On his father’s birthday, he has decided to put on his show “Fantastic*” – a riot of feathers and sequins – at the old theatre in his home town.

As soon as he arrives at the theatre, Valerio begins setting things up on stage with the help of a mysterious technician, to whom, from one rehearsal and the next, between numbers and costume changes, he ends up telling his life story. Valerio’s father, sitting in the front row and hidden in the darkness of the audience, also witnesses these confessions and sees his son as Lalique for the first time.

How will the relationship between Valerio and his father develop? And who exactly is this mysterious technician?

(tickets €10)