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by Natascia Aquilano
Online from 31 March to 30 April

In the heart of baroque Catania, there is what was once considered the largest red-light district in the Mediterranean: San Berillo.
Now a rundown neighbourhood, yet one which is still deeply romantic.
A dying body kept alive by the last of the unmentionables: prostitutes, transvestites, “puppi”.
Those who have never abandoned the area and who never will: the Belles of San Berillo.

Photography exhibition created by Natascia Aquilano.
Creation and production of the Artistic Catalogue of the Exhibition.

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All proceeds from catalogue sales will be donated to M.I.T.
M.I.T. (Movimento Identità Trans or the “Trans Identity Movement” in English) is an ONLUS (non-profit organisation of social unity) association that has been active in Bologna for about 40 years, which defends and protects human rights, as well as providing information and promoting cultural awareness.

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